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Can you help with the design?

Our team can certainly work with you to provide a design and build package. Whether you have land to build on or  a home all ready to renovate get in touch to start the process.

We Design & Build

How much does it cost to build?

This can very much be a “how long is a piece of string?” type question. The price of each project will vary alot depending on factors such as foundational requirements and the type of finish and fit out needed. Costs can be anywhere from $2,500 per m2 all the way to $7,500+ per m2 . Everyone has a budget they need to stick to so get in touch with us early so we can help adjust the scope of work, method of construction & finishes to allow you to build or Renovate your dream home within your budget.

At Build Firm we will work to meet your budget!

How long does the construction process take?

From initial consultation to the first spade in the ground, you can easily spend 6 months including the consenting process. Construction timeframes will depend on the size of your project and the season your building in but generally anywhere from 2-3 months up to 10-12 months for those bigger architectural projects.

We provide detailed timelines and milestones so you can book the move in truck!

Do you have Guarantees?

We are accredited to provide you with the best industry guarantees. Choose from: 

-Masterbuilders 10 year guarantee, 

-Certified builders 10 year guarantee,

-Builtin insurance 10 year guarantees

And of course we will give you the build firm Guarantee!

What is an LBP?

A LBP stands for Licensed Building Practitioner. These are skilled builders who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure and weathertightness of residential buildings. Any major changes to your existing home will required an LBP and certainly when building a new home. We have great LBP on the team to carry out all your restricted building work.

We have great Licensed Building Practitioners on the team.

What options do we have with our existing property?

In this day and age there are endless possibilities to what you can achieve with your existing home or land. Some options available are:

-Knock down rebuilds

-Complete internal revamp & renovations

-Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation

-Traditional Extension

-Second story additions

-Basement additions & Repile

-Existing house rotation / relocation

The ideal option will depend on your ideal outcome, budget & site conditions. Send us an email and we will come see your section and give you the best advice.

The worlds your oyster and there's no one shoe fits all. Get us out onsite to discuss the best option for your family.

When can you start?

Start dates are always a moving target so bear this in mind but generally speaking we have slots come available every 3 – 6 months. Once we have a signed contract and deposit we award the next available slot. First in first serve so call us now or send an email through so we can aim for your ideal move date.

Let's book the moving truck now!

Can we make changes once we start?

We always like to not make any changes for the sake of sticking to your budget but in saying that we want you to have what you want. If there’s a change you really want / need to make on the fly while we’re constructing your project we will accommodate it the best we can. We will assist with council approval with the. If your happy we’re happy at the end of the day!

We will work hard in the initial stages to avoid changes as we go but they can be done.

Can we live in the property?

It’s always best for multiple reasons if we can have your home to ourselves. Disruptions and health & safety are some of the main concerns however there any sometimes ways to mitigate these risks and avoid you needing to rent or stay else where. Lets discuss how we may be able to accommodate you, give Sam an email now [email protected]

Sometimes possible but often advised against.