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Our Process

Build Firm

How we work with you!

1 get in touch
1) Get In Touch

Head over to our build page and fill out the form.

2 site visit
2) Visit Site

After your Discovery session with Sam we should have a good idea whether we can help you with your specific needs.

You will then get to meet Sam and possibly some of the team at your project location to discuss your dream home / Renovation in further detail. Gather any relevant examples, styles, designs and materials you like and share these on the day. This way we can get on the same page as you and fine tune our services.

It’s here where you can go over your project in more detail and ask as many questions as you like. Sam will point you in the right direction with any next steps you need to take and tell you a little bit about us as well.

3 design
3) Design

Let’s get the wheels turning and get some design

work done.

Now knowing all your specific needs, it’s time to relay this and start liaising with our preferred architects. (Skip this step if you have plans already, it’s also fine if you have your own architect)

During this step we liaise with our preferred architect and engineers to produce “concept plans”, turning your ideas into a scaled mock drawing of what your build could look like. This enables us to get a better visualisation of how your dream home will actually look.

We can also provide a variety of material samples at this stage so you can physically see and feel parts of your build. This part is awesome as you can now start getting you excited!

4 feasibility stufy
4) Feasibility Study

By having some drawings now made up we can prepare a feasibility study.

This step is vital as it simply checks that we aren’t designing something you can’t afford. This otherwise could cause redesign costs and delayed timeframes.

If we discover a budget issue we will work together with the designers if required to change the design or change the “scope of works”, the work that actually will get done to fit your budget.

5 consent
5) Concent
Once you love your concepts and it’s within your budget, your plans will be turned into full working drawings which can then be submitted to the council for approval. We will also update our pricing on your final drawings. At this stage there may be more information required and a bit of back and forth until the council is satisfied and issues you consent. We can assist with this whole process, leaving you free to think about the important things like paint colours, cabinetry and fixtures! Your project will then also be tentatively booked into our work schedule.
6 review and concent
6) Review ,Contract, Guarantee

With the final plans released from the council we will review our pricing and double check everything is still accurate.

Sam will then meet with you again to review a master builders contract for you to sign on the dotted line.

We offer the opportunity to sit down and discuss our contract and pricing with you and also to compare/review other prices you may have to ensure you fully understand everything that is being put on the table.

We will finally issue you a master builders guarantee (if requested) and also our very own Build Firm Zero risk Guarantee. Giving you peace of mind before we even start swinging hammers.

7 all systems go
7) All Systems Go

Your project will now be ready to start and we will start gearing up to begin by having pre start meetings, organising materials and booking in required sub-trades.

We will establish all the best lines of communication to ensure we can get the information we need without disruptions for both parties.

All systems go! You will get to meet the team and then we will begin!

8 finishing touches
8) Finishing Touches

We never want you to feel left in the dark so along the way we will have Regular site meetings / digital catch ups to discuss progress and solve any issues.

We will also get you involved in the important design decisions and help you with our opinions or put you in touch with a trusted interior designer.

You can now start to think of all finishes, colours, trim, floor coverings , lighting and so on and so forth.

9 hand over
9) Hand over

Upon completion of your dream home we will break out the champagne and celebrate!

All maintenance schedules, product information and warranties will be given to you in an organised pack both physically and digitally to ensure you have what you need going forward.

The final inspection will be passed and code of compliance can now be applied for.

10 join the family
10) Join the Family

By this stage you will be a part of the Build Firm family.

We will keep in touch and amend any hiccups that may arise with the functions of your new home. This way you wont feel like we’re leaving you high and dry.

We will sign you up to our newsletter to stay in touch and follow our journey as we venture off to provide more families with their own dream home!

You will also be eligible for our referral rewards program to give you another reason to rave about us!