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Architectural Cladding Install In Ruakaka, New Build

Ruakaka, Bream Bay | Build Firm

Specialised Aluminium Cladding.

Sometimes architectural products need a little more attention to detail and experts to install them correctly. We were contracted to come to the rescue on a Ruakaka, New Build to handle the installation of the aluminium weatherboards supplied by Nu-Wall. Photo courtesy of Ray White.


Our friends over at Nu-Wall asked if we could help out one of their clients who were stuck on their New Build project in Ruakaka. The situation with original main contractor had taken a turn for the worse and we needed to pick up the pieces.

Various elements of the build needed attention and were not up to standards. Our job was to bring the project back up to code and complete the cladding but we kept uncovering parts of the project that required additional work such as the joinery, framing, cavity system and the soffits.


During Construction

How did we tackle the project?

Once all the remedials were completed we could sharpen our pencils and focus on the cladding. The weatherboards being Aluminium means there is little to no tolerance so precision measuring, marking, cutting and installation was required. Special attention was also needed to correctly follow the Nu-wall specifications regarding their cavity system.

Wall Cladding Installation

The challenges of construction - fixing previous issues

Our main challenge was constantly uncovering poor workmanship from the previous contractors. We soon had to start double checking everything and couldn’t presume anything was done correctly. This added another step to the process.

Another issue was the elements of course. Choosing to construct on a ridgeline is great and provides outstanding views but when mother nature doesn’t want to play fair, you can be in for some trouble. Times during construction the extremely high wind zone proved to be another challenge.

The accomplishments we are most proud of from The Ruakaka Cladding project

Successfully ammeding all the issues and bringing the build up to scratch was a rewarding experience. We all took away lessons on why it is so important that we train our apprentices and builders appropriately.